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Different learning styles, same success.

Canada's Virtual Learning Strategy Program


The Learning Disability Online Risk Indicator (LDORI) is a self-paced, easy-to-read questionnaire that measures the degree of risk for a Specific Learning Disability. To date, the LDORI has proven to be 94% accurate for individuals with a moderate to high risk of a learning disability. 




Marc excels at his job but has always found "making the grade" difficult. He might have to leave his profession if he can't get through his classes. Lauren's supervisors have praised her work quality but don't know that she works evenings and weekends to keep up because of her dyslexia. 

Many people experience skills gaps and other challenges that create barriers to achieving their academic goals and meeting workplace demands. VLS Canada's comprehensive wrap-around support model helps adults like Marc and Lauren overcome these essential skills gaps, learning disabilities, and other challenges, increasing their confidence and competence in their chosen field to achieve their full potential at work or in school.

Our suite of services and learning facilitation capabilities, which includes our flagship online screener LDORI, is designed to get to the root of each person’s specific challenges and address them effectively. These services are available in a convenient online platform designed to deliver individually customized online learning and communication environments that help people succeed. 


What does a learning strategist do for me?

If you're an apprentice or trainee, here's our FAQs

I had no idea any accommodations were available to me because I have a learning disability, and Nick was able to assist me in finding them and determining what I needed.

Connor Levy

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