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Some risk levels for SLDs do not warrant automatic psycho-educational assessments

Understand how compounding and confounding issues play a role in determination.

A moderate risk indicator for Specific Learning Disabilities by itself doesn’t necessarily warrant referral for a psycho-educational assessment. However, a closer analysis of their actual MRI score may be warranted when between 25 and 49 percent of the maximum score. As you know, a threshold of only 50 percent is required to present a High Risk indicator for specific learning disabilities.

A moderate risk indicator for Specific Learning Disabilities should also lead to a referral for pyscho educational assessment, for example, when a High Risk Indicator for executive functions includes a High Risk Indicator for attention deficit disorder.

In short, the decision to proceed or to not proceed with a psycho educational assessment should be determined by the learning strategist based on a client’s exact LDORI results, their Skills for Success assessment, client meetings, and ongoing observations about their schooling and life situation.

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