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Our services eliminate learning barriers

The VLS team is a leader in innovative solutions to meet learning-related needs. Our goal is to create opportunities for all people by developing and implementing flexible, sustainable support models that address diverse adult-learning needs across the country. 


Our virtual learning strategists use our screening and diagnostic services to ensure they understand each individual's needs. Then, they construct comprehensive, customized support plans for those with learning disabilities or essential skills gaps to meet those needs and enable clients to reach their goals.  

This person centred approach has enabled many talented individuals to remain in, or transition to, the workforce. Having proven the success of our model in partnership with apprenticeship authorities’ services, VLS will be entering into service agreements with other organizations wanting to utilize our model/services with workplace clients and adult learners.   

If you would like to learn more about becoming a service partner, please contact us.

Become A VLS Canada Service Partner

VLS Online Assessments

The VLS utilizes targeted, informal assessments which have been built by our team and offered online. These assessments help to identify essential skills gaps, digital skills gaps, and assess the risk of learning disabilities. 

ESSA: The Essential Skills for Success Assessment provides a means to gauge competency levels in several key Skills for Success.


LDORI: The Learning Disability Online Risk Indicator is a screening tool for risk factors associated with learning disabilities. It provides an overall risk indicator and specific risk indicators for a number of processing domains.


DLA: The Digital Literacy Assessment is an interactive assessment that measures competency in a variety of digital skills.

Learning Strategist Training

Learning strategists are the heart of our wrap-around support model. A learning strategist coordinates or delivers all VLS client services and supports, ensuring that clients get the personalized instruction, resources, and guidance that they require to facilitate success.


It is the provision of these individualized wrap-around services and supports that has allowed so many to reach their learning goals and get necessary workplace accommodations. 


We can provide training to your staff so that you, too, can provide comprehensive supports for your clients: 

  • Learn how to implement our model, our tools, and our services. 

  • Gain knowledge of learning disabilities, their diagnosis, and how to support them. 

  • Receive interactive instruction and on-going mentorship from our learning strategists. 


educational Assessments

Need an assessment to determine whether someone has a learning-related challenge?


We can help your client get the answers they need in a timely manner. 

Utilizing our network of contracted Psychologists, VLS can broker assessments. Our contracted Psychologists agree to provide comprehensive assessments that look at all major areas of information processing.


Plus, most assessments are completed in six weeks or less, depending on client availability.



Do you need to provide specialized instruction in an area of foundational skills, such as reading, writing, or mathematics? 

Tutoring is one of the most frequently used support services in the VLS Program. Our tutors make a positive difference by helping more people get into the workforce.   


Tutors who work with the VLS are certified in the skilled trades or have a background in foundational essential skills (like reading and math) and have an interest in sharing their knowledge with others. Tutors collaborate with learning strategists to address identified client needs.

Gain access to our database of virtual tutors who can provide quality, flexible instruction to meet your needs. 



VLS can also assist in other ways! Lease client technology (tablet and learning apps) to enable clients to access supports and services.  


Workplace analysis and accommodation planning, conducted by VLS staff, can take psychoeducational assessment recommendations and advise on how to implement them in the workplace, taking into account someone’s specific job duties and work environment. 

Need to help someone with learning-related skills? Gain access to VLS learning materials to provide supports such as identifying learning styles, study skills instruction, test-taking skills, and time management and organizational strategies to your clients.

Expected Results


  • Increase in employee success 

  • Increase in certified personnel

  • Reduced time spent on repeat attempts for testing and certification


  • Increase in student success 

  • Increase in number of graduates

  • Reduced time spent on repeat attempts for testing and certification

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